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World of Warcraft Boosting Services

Wow Shadowlands boosting

World of Warcraft is a constantly growing game and turns into a new game with almost every expansion. The Shadowlands expansion in particular has set out to refresh the game entirely, and succeeded. The new expansion would impress any experienced player, but any of the five million players worldwide is sure to be amazed by this new addition once they try it out. Such an impressive showing was needed to arrest the downward trend that had started forming in player numbers. What Blizzard came out with in 2020 turned out to be a bulls-eye hit!

Shadowlands brought vast swaths of new content, new mechanics, craftable legendary items, and the covenant system, etc., which have thoroughly refreshed everyone’s favorite game. But such a volume of changes might overwhelm both new and seasoned players, with only someone like a pro booster being able to learn all the intricacies of the unfamiliar atmosphere of Shadowlands. Every member of our boosting crew has a vast experience and has played every expansion that came before Shadowlands, so they are used to tracking the changes. We are sure that with our assistance your character will be launched up to the high-level game content! 

What’s new in Shadowlands?

To start off, this is an entirely new world with five amazing new locations you’ve never explored before! The leveling rules have been changed, and advancing is much quicker than with the old 120-level system. This means a better experience for you, which will encourage you to play more so you can get to 60lvl faster. The good news is that players that were at 120lvl in Azeroth will now be shifted down to 50lvl in Shadowlands.

There’s a lot of completely new content in Shadowlands, starting with the enticing lore of covenants to customizing items to your own style of play. The new locations are breathtaking, being both creative and fancifully immersive. The five locations are:

Bastiona literal heaven with paradisiac gardens, soaring spires and crystalline skies. Here you’ll meet Kyrians, angelic soul guides which oversee souls in preparation for their ascension.

Revendreth— a shadowy place in which Venthyrs dwell. Buildings have a gothic style, fit for noble vampires. You are thrust into the middle of a rebellion due to the anima drought, and everything is enshrouded in murk.

Ardenweald an ethereal forest, tightly bound to the wild. Eternal forests of dream trees can be found here, a conduit for the anima flow behind the circle of reincarnation. Night Faes encourage you to revive that flow.

Maldraxxus — a war-torn land, where might of arms is the sole way of keeping your life. Legions of the dead and necromancers lurk here.

— an entry-point into the Shadowlands. A jail reserved for the most wicked of souls. This is where you find a few early-game missions, but the most interesting content is still concentrated in the late-game. Torghast, Tower of the Damned, found at the Maw’s center, is a feature of the Shadowlands that has to be explored! Only the strongest are able to ascend that tower.

That said, if you’re not at 60lvl, you can only explore somewhat less than half of the content of the Shadowlands, because that’s when covenants become accessible. This means that below level 60:

  • You would miss a special design and 2 new skills depending on the chosen covenant, including their lore missions
  • You would miss a soulbind, which allows to gain some new buffs
  • You would miss an adventures, which are the challenge to tactical skills. It is a minigame where your purpose is to arrange characters in the most efficient way. The victory grants rare crafting materials, or mounts which thrive in Shadowlands
  • You would miss game content connected with anima gathering
  • You’re missing a special design and two new skills that come with a chosen covenant, including their lore missions You’re missing out on adventures that test your tactical skills. These are minigames that challenge you to arrange characters in the most advantageous way. Winning gives you rare crafting materials or mounts that live in the Shadowlands You’re missing out on game content based on anima gathering You won’t be able to use the travel network specific to covenants

When should you powerlevel Shadowlands?

With everything said above, it’s clear that the earlier the better. The most exciting content comes after you pledge to a covenant. The WoWBoost service would definitely open up a smoother and more fun game for you.

Shadowlands is a exceptional expansion to the game we all love, and our team is eager to assist you in developing your character. The game becomes more fun the more you boost your character!

What carry services can be ordered for Shadowlands?

Shadowlands offers a ton of activities! You can collect an inventory full of legendary and mythic items, you can improve their stats as you desire; you can climb up the Torghast tower fighting your way past fearsome bosses that drop precious materials to be crafted by the Runecarver. You can become dominant in both PvP and PvE… and much more!

The WoWBoost service makes all that simple with the following options:

  • Boost your character straight to 60lvl
  • Improve your equipment and significantly raise the average ilvl (170ilvl-240ilvl)
  • Assistance with stygia farming, usable for many buffs
  • Ascending through Torghast tower, including the Twisting Corridors challenge
  • Clear high-level Maw zones
  • Farming in any kind of dungeon
  • Loot impressive pets and rare mounts
  • Obtain Sanctum of Domination gear
  • Preorder Sanctum of Domination and all subsequent raids
  • Upcoming world bosses
  • Assistance with the Covenant campaign
  • Upgrade your covenant renown to the cup level with guaranteed bonuses to follow
  • Complete all possible achievements
  • Grind any location as much as you want

Craft unique legendary gear, meaning you get to upgrade any desired stats and combinations

All these would help make the game easier and less stressful. While every other player is struggling to upgrade, you can enjoy all the benefits of boosting during the Shadowlands’ first weeks. And this would apply even after some time, as the professionalism of our team would always make the Shadowlands a friendlier place!

Words of advice from the service

Shadowlands brings much more customization freedom to players – you can farm any mount, craft any armor that takes your fancy, the possibilities are endless. This much freedom is both a blessing and curse for a game-designer, as both novice and advanced players might try to combine something that would be completely ruined and become unplayable as a result. There’s also a lot of daily and weekly content being added which might distract players from the story-line or original plans.

So, this is what we advise for the Shadowlands expansion:

  • Level up any way you can, or with our support
  • Do not pass by the early missions as they lead to more profitable ones
  • Explore the Maw and Torghast, Tower of the Damned, because they hold lots of simple but essential missions
  • Get gear in heroic and mythic dungeons
  • Try your hand at the PvP and PvE arena, as they are a source of many useful materials
  • Begin grinding Mythic+ dungeons and Raids as soon as you can
  • Go on weekly and daily missions because they provide stygia, a useful material for many buffs
  • Pick your preferred covenant and do as much campaigning as you can
  • Collect every mount and pet
  • Remember, that you don’t need to focus on one class over another, as in Shadowlands it doesn’t matter so much. Neither does it force you to pick one covenant over another
  • Please note that heirloom items are different in Shadowlands. Now they grant power-up bonuses to your character instead of increasing experience gained while leveling

Just have fun and use the game as an escape from the daily grind, leaving all the boring and tedious parts to us!